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Alright- it’s 4pm on Monday. We just ate some Chinese food. Lunchtime for us, but I suppose it’s closer to dinner time for most, at least on the east coast. We’ve been working non stop everyday since we started in LA a month and a half ago. That’s one of the many reasons we’ve been a little absent from this here studio blog.

I guess I’ll start by catching you up to speed. We flew back to Brooklyn and took a couple days break at Thanksgiving to eat turkey, drink, sleep and sort through everything we had accomplished in LA. We immediately jumped into recording in Brooklyn at a place called Headgear. We recorded some stuff there for ‘Anytown’. In particular ‘Waiting On The Stairs’, ‘Lost To The Lonesome’ and ‘You’re Desert’s Not A Desert’.

At Headgear we ended up recording a lot of horn parts, fixing up some guitars, recording some vocals and resuscitating a song called ‘Patton State Hospital’. This is a pretty special song and when we’re done with this record I think we’ll have clocked in the most hours on this song. It’s one of those songs where the sensibility has to be perfect. Every part and sound hinges on another. And we cracked the code, so to speak while working at Headgear. So as I write you now Billy is laying down some background vocals and eventually lead vocals later today. Triumph! The song is working.

After recording at Headgear we kept working from our homes, especially at Eric’s, everyday. Lot’s of editing notes, song arrangement notes, recording some vocals and we had a little help from our friend who helped record some organ and piano on a couple songs.

And now we are at a place called Gigantic Studios in lower Manhattan. In the past few days we’ve managed to record a string section, some guitars, and we’re moving onto vocals and final fixes. It’s coming together. This is the final stretch.

Days have been blending into each other for weeks now. Our biological clocks are all fucked up. It’s pretty weird seeing sunlight for about twenty minutes in a day. And eating at weird times and only seeing our better halves when they’re asleep. But there’s a focus.

One of the saddest realizations we’ve had to face is that Tecate cost much more money in NYC than it does in LA. If anyone from Tecate would like to sponsor us please feel free to reach out. Jokes aside we’ll try and do a better job at keeping this thing up to date.

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  1. TT El TT wrote:

    By many Tecate is considered on of the “table” beers of California. It’s cheap and refreshing. But after a nice warm Socal evening it’s remarkable the enormous aluminum mountain that results from the relative tidy sets of 30-packs in which they arrived. Holy Shit, did we drink all that fuckin beer?

    The town of Tecate is really nice. It’s quite a mellow, small border town. There’s a quaint, tree-filled plaza where the people gather in the afternoon to cool off and drink beers or coffee, eat tacos and listen to mariachis. Guys come by and sell green hot chili peppers with a wide smile. You can tour the Tecate brewery but I’ve never wanted to do it. Just cuz I guess. I mean by the time your throat and lungs have adjusted to the aor quality a mere 100 meters south of the border being so different you’re just ready to sit down and drink with your pals and talk and talk until it’s dark and the trees a full of lights and the beers keep coming and it’s dirt cheap and some how some way you’re able to cross the border, singing songs and laughing to the grumpy border agents…find your car and drive everyone home safely as if the the Virgin of Guadalupe had taken the wheel hersel’.

    Navidad con sabor!!!

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 5:06 am | Permalink

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