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Moving Back Home

The lads have finished this phase of the recording process, so they’ve moved back to the Main Site. We’ll be posting all news and tour updates there until the February tour begins. If you just discovered this site, read thru it to learn a little about what went on in the studio and check out the slide show.

So long for now.

Final Day in the Studio……

Down time comes in spurts at the moment. We are mixing the final songs of the the record and celebrating the final day of our journey recording. Tonight is our last night in the studio. As I write Dan mixing “St. Clyde the Cop”, then we have one last song. We know we haven’t written that much in the last few days (weeks), but we are sure everyone is just as busy as us.

The holidays are here, and hours click away till we say farewell to the studio. Two months of work, I can’t even recall how many different emotional stages, and a true sense of pride. Pride in our team, in the band, …. pride in everyone that helped to make this all possible. It will be some time before this record comes out. Hopefully we will be able to start sharing some of the new material with everyone sooner than later. One thing for sure is we will start introducing new songs into the live show. Having Chris with us will broaden what we can create on stage, something all of us have wanted to do for years.

We want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read the blog and share there comments. Knowing that people read and care about our shenanigans is really the only reason we do this.

So thank you again, till our next journey……

XOXO – Pela

ps, Here’s something we made in our down time. It’s best viewed with music playing…..

Another Date Added

TT The Bear’s in Cambridge on February 26th. We’ll be adding more dates soon.

The lads are wrapping up the mixing stage of the new record tonight, so we’ll be moving back to the main site. Don’t go away just yet though, there should be a wrap-up here before they go.

New Tour Dates

All with Liam Finn opening and Apollo Sunshine at the NY show.

2/27: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2/29: Schubas, Chicago
3/01: 400 Bar, Minneapolis
3/04: High Dive, Seattle
3/05: Doug Fir, Portland
3/07: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
3/08: Spaceland, Los Angeles
3/10: Hi Dive, Denver

More to come

So Long “Crocodile Cafe”… :(

Hello friends,
We found out the beloved Crocodile Cafe in Seattle is now closed.We were just on our way to play there in February. For us to headline there was a personal dream of mine and we were only 3 months away. Living in Seattle, I saw many shows there and held it in my heart ever since.I think i saw some history there back in the day, and it was a shared feeling.It hit me hard because in NYC we lost CBGB’s recently too.

So Seattle we feel you…its a damn shame. For young upstarts in like myself the Crocodile was THE place, I think like it was a right of passage to roll up with rock and roll dreams in my eyes and ask “Hey are you guys hiring?”…Jeez it coulda been so cool, but i never got a call…..shit i woulda done dishes, mopped floors, whatever…..just being in that place made me feel good.I met so many of my heroes there. Well, So long to the “Croc” you will be missed.I’m proud to have shared some amazing times with you.
Your fan,
Billy McCarthy

Full Circle


Our dear friend Chris Herb, who has been with us for almost the entire process of recording this record, and who has agreed to play keyboards with Pela, has returned for another blog. For those of you that do not know Chris you can read his previous entry here.

Chris Herbs’ previous entry…..

Saying goodbye to the lads in L.A. last month was pretty tough. I felt like I was just languishing there in Los Angeles for that entire month apart from them as they marched onward with the new record in New York. Impatiently I saved money for my new gear, & achingly kept in daily contact with the band. It became increasingly evident that this bi-coastal situation was simply not going to work. I found myself pacing alone in my home, I was biting my fingernails constantly, and I often wandered through my neighborhood at the base of the Hollywood hills listening to pre-mixed tracks of ‘Sunken ships’ in the early a.m. wishing I had more updated versions.

I was also feeling mighty anxious about the fact that I now had 27 songs to nail down before the upcoming tour beginning in February, much less the overwhelming sense of urgency I had gnawing away inside, and I wasn’t feeling right with it at all. As Pela was fine tuning “Rise Ye Sunken Ships”, holed up in the studio in snow-trodden Tribeca, New York City, so I walked down Sunset boulevard in Hollywood, California to the music store wearing a T-shirt, 3000 miles away beneath blue skies.

I was feeling far too disconnected. Thus, there was only one course of action to take! So I made a spur of the moment, spontaneous and impulsive decision and broke my apartment lease, sold all my house hold appliances, packed up my personal belongings and sent them via Greyhound up to Northern California, got a plane ticket to JFK, and said goodbye to friends. Three days later I was standing outside the airport, once again an official resident of New York, freezing my ass off and feeling totally elated about it.

I write to you here in Tribeca at Gigantic studios, where Nate, Tom, Billy and Eric, and Dan are in my presence once again, where I find myself playing music with a band in NYC once again, for the first time in over 5 years. (I departed November 1st, 2002)

We have less than a week left. And we are on point, on time, and everything is coming together perfectly.

Dan is sculpting away on an über Pop track titled ‘Meine Liebe’ right now. It is by no means standard Pela format. We are all pretty blown away with the tentative results.

This album is getting really crazy. No one will be disappointed, I can say that much. It is so incredibly diverse that I cannot even begin to explain where its headed.
I love the way Nate described how the band sounds though. When asked what sort of music we play, instead of simply stating ‘Rock ‘n Roll’, Nate likens it to walking across the street and getting hit by a car, head on.

This album will certainly pack a punch of equal intensity. I am very proud of everyones achievements. Contrasting this record, it is very apparent that the band has grown exponentially since ‘Anytown’. I am really looking forward to the release date.

And its nice playing music with my friends again. Everything has come full circle. I forgot how much I adore this city.
5 years later, I have made the right choice. This was confirmed the first few minutes I got to the studio.

The lads play hockey on playstation as I write. Billy and Nate are getting pretty competitive.
I am overjoyed to be here.
Thanks for reading everyone.
Till next entry.
Happy Holidays!!



Update Time

Alright- it’s 4pm on Monday. We just ate some Chinese food. Lunchtime for us, but I suppose it’s closer to dinner time for most, at least on the east coast. We’ve been working non stop everyday since we started in LA a month and a half ago. That’s one of the many reasons we’ve been a little absent from this here studio blog.

I guess I’ll start by catching you up to speed. We flew back to Brooklyn and took a couple days break at Thanksgiving to eat turkey, drink, sleep and sort through everything we had accomplished in LA. We immediately jumped into recording in Brooklyn at a place called Headgear. We recorded some stuff there for ‘Anytown’. In particular ‘Waiting On The Stairs’, ‘Lost To The Lonesome’ and ‘You’re Desert’s Not A Desert’.

At Headgear we ended up recording a lot of horn parts, fixing up some guitars, recording some vocals and resuscitating a song called ‘Patton State Hospital’. This is a pretty special song and when we’re done with this record I think we’ll have clocked in the most hours on this song. It’s one of those songs where the sensibility has to be perfect. Every part and sound hinges on another. And we cracked the code, so to speak while working at Headgear. So as I write you now Billy is laying down some background vocals and eventually lead vocals later today. Triumph! The song is working.

After recording at Headgear we kept working from our homes, especially at Eric’s, everyday. Lot’s of editing notes, song arrangement notes, recording some vocals and we had a little help from our friend who helped record some organ and piano on a couple songs.

And now we are at a place called Gigantic Studios in lower Manhattan. In the past few days we’ve managed to record a string section, some guitars, and we’re moving onto vocals and final fixes. It’s coming together. This is the final stretch.

Days have been blending into each other for weeks now. Our biological clocks are all fucked up. It’s pretty weird seeing sunlight for about twenty minutes in a day. And eating at weird times and only seeing our better halves when they’re asleep. But there’s a focus.

One of the saddest realizations we’ve had to face is that Tecate cost much more money in NYC than it does in LA. If anyone from Tecate would like to sponsor us please feel free to reach out. Jokes aside we’ll try and do a better job at keeping this thing up to date.

Pela Studio Slideshow Posted

We’ve created a slide show of photos taken at yesterday’s recording session at Gigantic Music in New York. We hope it will give you some idea of what the lads are going through in the creation of their second album, “Rise Ye Sunken Ships”. They’ll be in the studio for another two weeks and we’ll hopefully bring you more updates. If yesterday was any indication, they won’t have a lot of time to post, but I’ll keep prodding them. Maybe they can spend a little less time on “Guitar Hero” and more on the blog. Are you listening, lads?

FYI, the Cello player is Bob Smolenski and the Violinist is Mat Maneri. The gentleman with the scraggly beard is the infamous Dan Long who is engineering the record.

View the slide show here

Hard at Work on the New Album



Looks like we’re done for the night. Look for photos tomorrow (oops, I mean later today)